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Do you have a nutrition goal in mind such as gain weight/muscle mass/loose weight/eat more vegetables but don't know how or where to start? As a nutrition coach I can guide, support and educate you in order for you to make better choices that will positively impact your nutrition and life choices.
Of course all 
dietary requirements can be adhered to.


The PERFORMANCE package will do just that.


This package contains:

  • Weekly suggested meals plans, with all meals tailored to your aim.

  • Recipe cards for each meal.

  • Support once a week via email or phone.

  • Cotswolds Nutrition Chef Energy Balls delivered by post once a month.

    This package requires a three month commitment and then a rolling one month commitment thereafter in order to see a difference.

Next steps - fill out the form below, indicating your needs and I will respond to organise a consultation meeting to get the process started.


The consultation fee will have to be paid before the meeting and an invoice for this and then any subsequent months after signing up will be sent to you via email.

Booking enquiry

Thanks for submitting your form. I'll endeavour to respond within 24hours, Monday-Friday.

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