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Nutrition Coach & 

Private Chef

Welcome to Cotswolds Nutrition Chef.

A vibrant food hub aiming to
- guide clients focusing on their nutrition into eating exciting flavoursome food.
Diet food is not what interests me!
- provide a private chef service for dinner parties, lunch events, holiday rentals or private residences.
- teach you to cook!

Ross, CNC's one man band, is a professional chef and trained nutrition coach.
Having worked in high end and Michelin starred kitchens for a lot of his chef career, Ross' passion for food shows through in how his dishes look and taste, and his attention to detail. He would love to create a meal for you for a special occasion.

Being a keen sportsman has led Ross to become more and more interested in nutrition and how it affects training as well as everyday living, so much so he has trained with NASM* to become a Nutrition Coach. 


We Do

Nutrition Coach

Ross takes a gentle, professional approach to your nutrition needs. For some people, nutrition, food and getting on the road to being healthier, no matter what your end goal, can be a sensitive subject. 

By choosing CNC to guide you through your nutrition journey you will benefit from face to face or mobile consultations and  suggested food plans. These are all entirely tailored to you and all meals are truly based on nutritional value and ensuring they taste fantastic.

Private Chef

Have you got a celebration or dinner party to host soon? Feeling fancy?

Want to not worry about food on holiday?

Why not take the pressure off yourself and let Ross do everything from the menu, to the shopping and the cooking. 

Cooking Lessons

Is there a dish that always gets the better of you?

Do you want to expand your repertoire and learn some professional tricks along the way?

Maybe you and your friends want to have a group cooking lesson. Ross will be happy to help. 


Join Ross over on CNC's YouTube and Instagram accounts for all sorts of follow along recipes, inspiration for meals and chef tips and tricks to make your mealtimes go to the next level. 

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We'd love to hear from you


"Just want to say a massive thanks to Ross at CNC for the endless support and guidance with my weight gain goals which include gaining muscle mass. Since working with Ross my overall health has improved such as energy levels, sleeping better and general wellbeing. His recipes all have great tasting flavours with high nutritional value. The service is really effective with weekly check ins as he is always adapting to support my work commitments."


"I had an important date and wanted to get the food right. We joked beforehand that I wouldn't do Spag Bol because it's a boring option, but after talking to Ross about how he does his bologneseI thought I would surprise my date by giving her a surprisingly good one. I put my faith in Ross to walk me through the process over FaceTime. This was key because he was able to give little tips and bits of wisdom as we went....it's just this sort of practical, on the hoof advice which you need. He was also able to monitor how well things were cooking...Ross is a good teacher and plenty of fun too!"


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